1 Thing That Changes Your Life

1 Thing That Changes Your Life

The other day magnificent reader and friend J* wrote me a mail. But not any kind of mail! The kind of mail that makes you go wow that’s thoughtful! He wrote about spirituality, development and in particular change in people!
And here is what spawned my answer and eventually became this blog post:

On change:
“…You know what – I discussed this with my bro and I actually now agree with you. It boils down to the fact that human beings do not want to be changed, or do not want to feel like change is being imposed upon them….”

And here is what I answered:

It is true, WE people don’t necessarily want to change even if it could solve our problems!
But not because we can’t, are powerless, or are lazy! No none of that!
But rather because we lack awareness! Yes Awareness! Say it with me A-WARE-NESS! ;D

J***, what do you have to be aware of to induce a positive change in Your Life???

Well… Actually the answer lies …as always in the Question! Do you see it?

The Possibility of “…a positive change”

Awareness of Possibility is the name of the game simply because:

with possibility comes choice
with choice comes decision
with decision comes change

for instance:

if you would be able to talk to one of the first human-beings and tell them about the properties
of water and how it can change into ice given the right circumstances they most likely wouldn’t
believe you, label you as a witch-doctor and kill or eat you!
But lets say you would happen to have a can of “ben & jerry’s peanut butter me up”
give them a scoop of it and tell them that it is frozen liquid (with 95% added sugar) they will not only believe you and might want to become a ice cone truck driver but also seek for change or different experience in their eating habits!
OK metaphor is breaking down but u catch my drift!

The tricky part comes here:
When we are confronted with the absolute, raw truth we tend to idolize and reificate not knowing that this exact behavior is a form of separatism.
That separates us in this case from… wait for it… the possibilities and potential our life holds for us!

I mean you heard all that nonsense before
“…Oh Michael Jordan he is special”, “Steve Jobs he was a genius”, “Bruce Lee was extra ordinary”
until the things that started normal become a religion and their prophets become demigods that have semi magical super powers!

There for, you got to sugar coat it for yourself, make your taste-buds tingle 😉 so that your own longing for more creates the decision for your own change!

I hope this conversation can be helpful for one or the other

That’s it for now from me


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