Today I wanted to buy an iPad mini and thought nothing much about that! I mean it got released November 2. 2012 which is now almost 2 months ago. So naturally you would think there should be enough iPads Minis in stock at any given Apple Store, right??? WRONG??? They still sell like hotcakes!!!
Which begs the question, why is Apple under so much fire in the media! I mean if you look at Google News it is pretty down right negative on predictions! And since most newspapers and blogs get the information from Google News it seems that way all over!
But then again it is Google!!! Maybe not the best place to seek information about competitive companies!

What bugs me is
When you read the current media you kinda get the image that Apple seems to be “on their last straw”! A company that can’t surprise us anymore! or even worse is out of demand! Which is okay, if that would be the truth! I mean seriously I’ve got no problem with the company that is out of ideas and is not creating anything innovative! Because that would mean when I go to buy one of the products they should be there, because no one else wants them! But guess what no iPad Mini’s for grabs what so ever- which sucks! For me! (I mean I understand a lot of blogger who seem to be afraid of comments that label them as a “apple fanboy” …seriously it is not cool anymore to like anything that apple does and talk about it on the net!)

Why is that crucial?
I guess for the truth you should ALWAYS look at the real world! the Internet can have you think that things develop and go to waste much faster than they really do! Because so many media outlets just seem to regurgitate the same news! Additionally a lot people make up their mind by numbers or majority rule, which seems to keep them in their information bubble!!!
Which in turn creates a lot of believers of Internet news that are paradoxically more out of contact with the real product or subject at hand than people that don’t read the news and just wander around and look at the world as it is!!!

Oh and for those who are interested Apple started selling it’s iPhone 5 around three days ago in China and sold over 2 million since then THERE ALONE! Yes in a country that gets it’s Samsung products earlier then we do!!! Apply some simple math 2mil x 649$ (being conservative I just use the base model price of the iPhone 5) = 1.29 billion US$ of iPhone 5s there alone!!! YESS NO Ipad mini, Ipad, iMac (ilovethem) or Macbook Pros included!!! 3 days 1.29 bln yes they are totally out of touch and nobody likes apple anymore!!! WRONG???

I guess what you can take from that is that conjecture and BS will always stay conjecture and BS no matter if it comes disguised as Google news or financial bankers predicting the next big thing 😉

Stay Awesome


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