How To Become Disciplined Instantly In Just Three Steps

How To Become Disciplined Instantly In Just Three Steps

With The “R.O.C. Method”!!!


Discipline as a word has been misused and abused time and time again. When most people say :”you need discipline for this”, what they really seem to want to say is that you are suppose to force yourself to do something that is painful, a drag or plainly sucks! For long that has really bothered me because it gives the impression that you should have a submissive mindset to be a disciplined person or in other words be always willing to be whipped by someone wearing a tight latex suit!

Even Wikipedia sates that discipline “…carries a negative connotation. This is because enforcement of order – that is, ensuring instructions are carried out – is often regulated through punishment …the authoritative imposition of something negative or unpleasant on a person…” but that’s how most people experience the word “discipline”.

I stumbled upon what discipline is actually suppose to mean
“discipline is remembering what you want” a quote by David Campbell!

That is much more precise than the usual no pain no gain attitude!
Don’t remember what you do not want, and also don’t remember what you do not have yet but rather just remember what you want.

Let say you watch an awesome movie in my case it would be the Matrix and you are like: “i wanna know kung fu aswell yay… and do all sorts of martial arts, that would be cool” and 30mins of imitating those cool moves you plop back on to your couch (lol… we’ve all been there)
Let’s face it if you are not an oppsessed simple minded guy/girl the probability that you remembering saying that the next day is close to zero! But wouldn’t it be cool if you could change that! I mean do you know how much time and money you’ll save (let alone make) by being disciplined! School, University & Work change from being a pain in the butt to a mer show off for you newly acquired skills.

Well now you can, here is a three step technique to be disciplined in whatever you like!

The R.O.C. Method for instant discipline

  1. Realize that discipline is simply remembering what you want
  2. Organize your goals make a structured detailed plan so your discipline is the only thing needed to achieve your goals
  3. Create an environment that wont let you forget than pretty much all you have to do in order to achieve it, is to make sure you Habitually remember exactly what you want on a daily basis! For instance make sure that your TV plays kung fu movies all the time if that is what gets you going or have posters everywhere etc. that is the fun part where you can go all out!

Tools I Use to implement the R.O.C. Method for Discipline

  •     Reminder on the IPhone (since I’ve got my iPhone with me all the time, i get notifications that remind me of my next action step thru out the day)
  •     Music: i almost exclusively listen to music i associate with cool training montages
  •     TV plays only kickass Kung Fu Movies
  •     Posters “oh yeah you know i got them”
  •     literature fiction and non fiction that has some kind of relation!

Those of you reading this that are trying get fit remember secret is not to aim for perfection, but for continues progress!
Become accustomed to look at what you are capable of and the improve it & make it better by training on daily basis habitually. It is like brushing your teeth you don’t do it just once and have clean teeth for the rest of your live. No you brush them in the morning, in the afternoon and when ever you are going on a date 😀 or you feel like it, because the mintyness in your mouth feels refreshing and cool 😉 and makes you remember that this is what you want!

So don’t forget discipline is remembering what you want. This mindset gives you incredible focus, keeps you on track and is actually fun. Let me hear your results using the R.O.C Method or just what you think!

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