How To Follow Through With Your Training

How To Follow Through With Your Training

“One big misconception is that people believe getting started is the hardest part, well…that’s wrong! Sticking with it is!” -Vincent Wagenmann 😉

Why is it in life, that I can do things that I think of as less important much easier than the ones that I think are important? You probably know this situation: you have a task that you really don’t care about that much and do it more less halfheartedly and end up executing it pretty good. While on the other hand things of the greatest importance to you, dreams you want to fulfill & stuff you always wanted to do you end up procrastinating on to your hearts content!


I must say, I hate that situation honestly from the bottom of my heart, I hate it because it seems like the biggest torture! What??? Are we supposed to live our life with things and stuff we don’t really want, is that the moral of the story? Of course not!!! but first a little lifetime experience:


Being good at what you don’t care about

When I was still in high school, my class had a 2 month “real work” program to give us a so called real life experience in a work environment! Somewhat like a professional practice but without getting paid! (Sounds like a social acceptable form of child labor to me now that I think about it ^_^) So everybody got designated to a job in random companies and I ended up working in a Computer Store!
That time my mind was mostly filled with thoughts about China since I planed going there for the next 3 years! So I really wasn’t that concerned about the job experience, but rather what I’m gonna do first once I’m in China! My responsibility at the job was to help customers find what or whoever they were looking for kinda like one of the people that sit at information desks… just without a desk… and a chair ;( !!! It didn’t take long that I had to sell a computer myself because the salesman in charge was absent! And then the next and the next etc. I ended up selling as much computers as the top salesman there and made a hefty sum of money of the sells bonuses I got! (they were not allowed to give me a fixed wage but had no problem in giving me a bonus for every thing I sold)

One day I came home and told my dad about that and being an awesome dad he said “That’s good you can help others with their problem selling their computers, but not yourself by being an A+ student” Old man sure know how to pep talk! But nevertheless it’s stuck with me!


Is that really what I’m supposed to be, a guy that can help others easily but not himself! Time and time again I noticed the same pattern again and again. Until I asked the question: why is it easy for me to do things that I don’t think of as important?? And finally realized

Things are easy precisely because they are not important!
Let me say that again “Things are easy precisely because they are not important”


• higher value than what you’ve got to over
• Once in a life time chance or opportunity
• Not getting it equals sucking

Non Importantce

• Colse to zero obvious value for you
• Can do it when ever
• Not getting it equals DGAF

Once I realized the above it was clear to me! You see it don’t you! Once you consider something as important obviously you don’t do it as well, because you give it much higher value than yourself. Or in short “IT ISN’T FUN”! It isn’t fun because you objectify your goal and attach your happiness to it. So everything else that isn’t the important goal while working toward it sucks!


I’m here to tell you to stop!
Don’t ever think that you are going to be happier once you achieve something important!
Paradoxically there is nothing more important than being happy in first place! First be happy, be congruent with yourself.
Once that is a given do the things that you want to achieve.


And it is the same with your training don’t think you have to train! Don’t think you have to be fit and skinny or ripped and if you aren’t you kinda suck in that matter!
Like a baby that starts walking. It doesn’t think “oh I have to walk before I am 1 year old or else I’m never going to amount to anything”!! But it rather thinks “I wanna grab that shiny iPhone on the coffee table, I’m gonna use my legs to get there”!

Just have fun in first place and than remember what you want!


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