How To Train With A Training Partner

How To Train With A Training Partner

The last few month I was pretty busy with work, writing on my fitness book and all sorts of things. So a blog post about training is long overdue! Even thou I totally go against the notion of training with a “training-partner” (unless in martial arts) in the sense of you guys are doing the same routine side by side, simply because it is time wasting and not effective! I must say that once in a while it is extremely inspiring to go to the gym with someone you know who also has their own way of training and see how they progress for them self and that’s because of some thing I call collective action.

As I mentioned in my last post (here) friend and also model Stephane Rodrigues came by for a visit. We met first around 2011 and besides being genuine cool dude he is also very much into his training! We trained together once before back then in Capetown South Africa. So now was a good time to do that once more! But let me explain what “training together” means for me.




I truly believe that a training routine should be fitted to a person and not a person to a training routine! And that includes when, what, how and in what order each part of your body is suppose to be trained. Therefor it is highly unlikely to me that two people have the same training routine (not mentioning the time you wait around for the other person to finish their set or the time you spend chatting with each other. Even worse when one of you is more motivated than the other and pulling the other along). Ergo gyming together in sucks. At least in that kind of way.


But there is a way however that works! It’s called “you do yours, I do mine” or short YDYIDM! The name is the game here, pretty simple. While you do YDYIDM you go to the gym together but focus on your own preferences of training. Now you ask “isn’t that just the same as training alone???”, and I’m gonna say well… NO!!! Here is the reason: I call it collective action!

For example: Have you ever been to a library and noticed it is really easy to read there (not just because it is quiet) or went shopping just before Christmas and noticed that you collect whatever you want to buy in the most efficient manner! Collective action makes you effective and diligent more so if the collective action is done by people that are close to you i.e. Family house cleaning! And YDYIDM is the best way to get a strong sense of collective action.

ANyway try it for yourself!!! It Works 😉

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