What Is Fairness ??? Part 1

What Is Fairness ??? Part 1

The other day I got really annoyed :x because a guy cut in line In front of me at the supermarket 
and right after that guy paid for his groceries the Cashier closed the cash register leaving me to go 
and stand in the next line! :x

I told an English friend of mine (A****) this story and he replied 
"Dude so you think this is not fair huh??? 8O 
What is fairnessI live in a country that claims to be a democratic and that all their citizens have equal rights, 
but at the same time believes in Monarchy and spends unbelievably huge sums of money 
on so called "royal family's"! 
Dude Where is that a equality in that? How is that being fair??? 

When somebody just has to be born into the "royal" family and be given everything for free 
while others have to struggle just to go to school or university??? Where is the fairness in that???" 

:-? That really got me thinking! What is fairness? 
I mean I bet there are a lot of people out there that believe that 
kings and queens earned there right to get everything 
for free and that this is fair! But what constitutes the rules of fairness? 
And who in first-place made those rules? 

Thinking about those two questions made me come up with an answer 
that might not be 100% politically acceptable ... well right now at least... 
check it out in the soon to come second part of this post! ;)

until then make sure to comment about your views on fairness

cheers vince
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