What you need to Know about: Sylvester Stallone

What you need to Know about: Sylvester Stallone

The Top 5 things that make him a seriously cool Dude Once again I did a little bit of research, on the person that most of us know as Rambo, Rocky or even Lincoln Hawk! (“Over the Top” Anyone??? How cool was that movie!!!)

Yes, of course I am talking about Sylvester Stallone! And what I found was really cool!
So I summed it up in to The Top 5 things that make him a seriously cool Dude!!!
Without further ado lets start with

No°1 Childhood

Not a lot of people know this, but due to complications during labor, Sly was born with the use of forceps which caused damage to a nerve at the lower left side of his face Which in turn paralyzed parts of his tongue, lip and chin. But no matter what, Since he was a child, even though being made fun of Sylvester Stallone had wanted to star in movies

No°2 First Jobs

His adult life was just as difficult. Harsh times and no money made him lose his apartment. As a result he was forced to live on the streets for close to three weeks. Eventually he came across a casting call for a soft core pornography film; out of desperation he attended the casting call. For two days of filming he received $200. According to Stallone “it was either do that movie or rob someone, because I was at the end, the very end of my rope”.

No°3 Acting

While trying to become a decent actor he had gotten over 1500 rejections from agents in New York, there weren’t that much agents in the city – but he had been to many of them 5 or 6 times. DUDE WHAT KIND OF THICK SKIN DID HE HAVE!!! – anyway soon after he decided to change his strategy: If no one wanted him in his movies he would write his own film instead. And wrote ROCKY YES HE HIMSELF WROTE ROCKY!!!

No°4 Writing

ok ok ok we all know rocky was a hit, but do you think it was as easy as that NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ofcourse NOT While trying to sell the script for Rocky he had gotten several hundred more rejections until he finally met a few guys who liked it – and they offered him $125,000 for the script. But they would not let Stallone play Rocky. So Stallone refused to sell it! YES HE REFUSED $125,000 in spite of being broke It gets worse A few weeks later, they called Stallone again and offered him $250,000 this time. $250,000 to NOT star in his own movie. He turned it down again – and they came back with an offer for $325,000, which he also turned down.

No°5 Winning

Finally, they reached an agreement: they would pay Stallone fraction of the initial offer $35,000 in total and allow him to star in his own film. He said Yes! And the rest is History! They spent $1 million making Rocky, which went on to gross $200 million and won an Oscars.

Cool Story Right! Any way that’s it from me! Wish you an awesome Day Vince

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