Why you should try NOT to like or dislike things ..so much!!!

Why you should try NOT to like or dislike things ..so much!!!

What makes us what we are ???

Is it our likes / hobby’s that define us??? Our Dislikes and tendencies??? Is that what makes us / defines us ???

If Yes??? Than our Character or that what makes us unique has been merely forged by chance and circumstance and hardened by our believe in & identification with those tendencies! That would make us – Rather than an unique individual – just an effect

No!!! I don’t believe that! While the above certainly does carry a lot of truth, I believe that Likes and dislikes are used by the majority as a form of certainty, something that gives ease of mind or a sense of stability that takes away the fear of the unknown.

But if that is what defines Character… Character is WAY OVERRATED !!!

Because it is prone to be flawed!!! If there are likes there must be dislikes the interpretation of something that is good gives rise to Evil!

No, if that’s Character I don’t want to have it. YES I SAID IT!!!

The Only way to escape this vicious cycle is to understand the Truth!

The Truth

There is no like or dislike, no good or evil & no right or wrong.

There is Only You

And How do You apply this kind of thought in the Real World???

  1. when you feel or sense the something you like or dislike stop
  2. shut out the feeling
  3. make a choice how to use/respond/interact with so that it serves your lives purpose (instead of reacting with a pre determent set of actions)
  4. proceed action of choice
  5. rinse and repeat

Instead of clinging to a character that has been defined by circumstance and environment. Use the full potential of your mind. Which lies in it’s formlessness…

“Be Formless, Shapeless like water. You put water into a cup it becomes the cup. You put water into a tea pot it becomes the tea pot. Now water can flow or it can crash… Be water my friend!” -Bruce Lee

Yes! Water the solvent of life probably explains it best.The best character to have is no character, because anybody that makes up his mind about the world, people or situations beforehand (is an idiot…so much for being like water ;D well I’m getting there.)  is limiting him/herself profoundly, and therefore “miss all the heavenly glory” 😉 I believe only by being like water you can understand and act upon your life’s true purpose because you won’t be held back by the blind spots of your character.

But what about all the fetishized good stuff we learned!?

Like that guys are suppose to be strong willed, buff, sports loving, money driven, car fans! And girls suppose to be feminine, shoe crazed, family loving, cookie baking shopoholics!!! That’s exactly it, we were taught all this! And much more… And since most of us are afraid to miss-out we waste our precious life time with some or all of the above! Instead of questioning if this kind of character trades, fulfill your life’s purpose and therefore stop being an mere effect! Thanks for reading Vince*

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